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About - David Hooper

Nature is at the core of all my photography, whether it is an image as big as the universe or as small as a newborn moose. I am profoundly influenced by great nature photographers such as Thomas Mangelsen and Paul Nicklin. The broad-minded Fred Baldwin will capture your soul, and Annie Liebowitz is a master of the portrait.

I am a Mountain West photographer based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. My focus is on Night Skies, Wildlife and Landscapes. My hope is that my Night Sky images arouse a dramatic sense of curiosity for the mysterious expanse of space. My Wildlife and Landscape images are intended to emphasize and celebrate our public lands and the natural beauty and intrigue of our wild and untamed spaces.

In 2021, I had the pleasure of exhibiting ten pieces from my night sky collection titled “Constellation” at Courtney Collins Fine Art Gallery, Big Sky, Montana. The exhibition opened March 4, 2021. 

My work aims to elevate recognition, historical significance, and appreciation of our indigenous tribes, mountainscapes, night skies, and Western lands.