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"Constellation" at Courtney Collins Fine Art Gallery

The night sky is our wondrous communal experience.  For 10,000 years—our Native Americans, wildlife, mountain men, immigrants, cowboys, farmers, and modern suburbanites have shared the experience of its beauty and vast mystery.  And although we are many different cultures, we are bound in one timeless connection by our rapture and search for spiritual meaning of the night skies.

Each one of David’s photographs tells a story:  There is an energy in the night sky.  A long-tailed comet arrives and flies away.  The galactic core of the Milky Way sparkles above an immigrant’s cabin. The aurora borealis shimmers in yellow and green over a mountain lake.  All of us in a dance with this orchestra of energies in the Mountain West.  

MARCH 4TH, 2021  4-8 PM  Champagne Reception